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Your Lincoln Hills Gardener

Terrazas Landscape is a company in the Sacramento area that specializes in lawn and yard maintenance. A green lawn is one of the most important features to your landscape.

Mowing your lawn at the right height at certain times of the year are very important in maintaining a beautiful green lawn. Mowing too short during summer months can burn the roots creating dead spots or a dead lawn. Terrazas Landscape will mow your lawn correctly along with edging.  Adding fertilizer where it isn't needed is expensive. Our lawn analysis will identify the types of grass in your lawn, any insect, pest or disease problems. We will properly maintain your lawn for its best health.

Receive priority access to yearly maintenance such as aerating, de-thatching, feeding and other tasks. These are tasks that you can accomplish yourself, but you may not have access to the best equipment. We can perform any spring or fall cleanup and lawn maintenance tasks that are needed.


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